Saturday, October 08, 2005


Its 3rd Ramadan, and a little time ago at 8:52 am we were shaken by a horrible voilent earthquake here in Pakistan. I had just finished posting my previous entry on this blog, and was still on the computer when it started and i just felt lifeless coz it was the strongest quake i have ever felt.

My house was swaying right and left, back and forth, and i couldnt run to go out (i could manage to move only as much to get under this table that i work on, and watch everything vibrate in front of me). Astaghfirullah very frightening it was. May Allah have mercy on all of us aameen.

There are still aftershocks as i write this which will continue for the next few days according to the Met. department. How terrible it must be for the people who are still alive under the rubble, injured and calling for help. May Allah protect them and help them to get out unharmed, and may Allah have mercy on the souls of those who have already died in this. Aameen.

Allah SWT says in the Quraan:

"Do you feel secure from HIM Who is in the heaven that HE will not cause the earth to sink with you ? When lo ! it begins to shake".

........ Then will you know how terrible was MY Warning!"

[Al Mulk-67: 16-17]

It was indeed a big warning for us, should make us think. Allah! You are so kind to give me still another chance. I will be as it pleases You and will remember You all the time. Give me the ability to keep my promises that i keep making to You, Forgive me and have mercy and keep us safe Aameen.


S.G. said...

my whole of family is in punjab....n friends all over there..n when i knew..frm then till now..i have been really worried.... May Allah be with u all.ameeeen....

and a very relevant ayat..jazakallah ...

B said...

Thanks , Aameen, may Allah keep us all safe. remember us in prayers

Talha Masood said...

it was really horrible

Allah kareem reham farmaiyee


B said...

Allahumma Innaka Afuwwun, Tuhibbul A'fwa, Fa'fu A'nna..

"O Allah! Indeed You are the Oft-Pardoning, You love to pardon, so pardon us. AAMEEN