Monday, October 17, 2005


All of us Pakistanis are together helping our fellows in pain and endless troubles, and all of us are making use of all the ways in which we can lessen their pain even if we are having to sacrifice. I wish this spirit remains high and doesnt settle down in the next few days. Because no matter how much we do they will need us much and for a long time.

And why should we forget, its not just now after the earthquake that we are seeing all this suffering. Most people in our country are already poor, there are homeless spending their days and nights in the open no matter how fierce the weather is.

There are foodless with big families, because they cant earn enough money, and many even commit suicide due to that.

There are those (actually most in our country) who dont have clean water to drink, because its all contaminated and causes death and disease.

And when they get ill, they cant afford for themselves a proper treatment or even a simple medicine.

Infact, all the suffering that you are seeing now has been there already and on a much larger scale than this quake has caused.

Other than the food and shelter missing, you can imagine all kinds of troubles in store for the poor and weak in our country and all over the Muslim world. Injustice, opression by the rich and poweful, cruelty shown to the women, and lack of all the basic facilities like education, jobs etc.

Isnt all that equally heart aching? we must remain sensitive to this, and not show apathy thinking we keep hearing about this all the time and its just too common.

SO why shouldnt we keep together and united like this and like we have already tried our best to help the quake victims on our own. LETS CONTINUE THIS FOREVER, HELPING THE POOR and THOSE in PAIN. Lets this be a start and make ourselves more organized so we can help properly now and in coming times

Right now i m remided of a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that anyone of you having any extra thing (that he doesnt use) he should give it to the other person (and not keep it to himself)

Who would remain poor if all of us did this?

Keep Sharing! :)

May Allah bless us all, aameen.

I will put the reference of the hadith later when i find it inshaAllah , i read it in Riyad us Saliheen.


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