Thursday, October 13, 2005

I still can't believe that the same magnitude earthquake that I survived has destroyed some other cities completely. And I must do something specially as a thanks to Allah for that and for the help of people who are in pain beyong words.

No matter how much we do, it can't make up for the losses they are suffering and will continue to suffer.

Here in Islamabad we couldnt sleep for many nights due to the fear of aftershocks which havent been just a few (a 5.5 aftershock recorded just today morning, and my dad just called telling me his office building has been evacuated coz there are news/rumors for more quakes of high magnitude). We made special prayers during the Taraveeh prayers at the mosque and more nafl prayers for forgiveness and repentance also. And everyone of us must do that as well.

Now although the fear has lessened but its the extreme suffering of the our fellows that doesnt let us rest peacefully. Its heart aching. There are kids, old people, women being taken out from under the debris after days, from the seriously wounded to unscratched. Most painful is to see the kids who have survived but have lost their parents, no doubt they aren't the same anymore, they have plain faces and empty staring eyes.

And then homeless people living under the open sky day and night in cold, withouth tents, clothes, and even water.

Ordinary people are helping a great deal, and both the local and global media are conveying images of the catastrophe, but I m only afraid this fervour would only be initial and the effected people might be forgotten soon, while they will be needing long term help.

Please dont forget them and move on with ur comfortable lives while they will be suffering till the end of their lives. We all know the ways in which we can help, find out more ways even if you have to make little sacrifices. Allah will show mercy! InshaaAllah

I think three kinds of aid is needed, its our material aid, our physical help, and our efforts to help reduce their stress and trauma, and ofcourse their rehabilitation in time. InshaaAllah. There are a million ways we can do that, so get up and do it for God only.

"...`Seek help from ALLAH and be steadfast..."
7:129-The Holy Quraan

`And seek forgiveness of your Lord; then turn wholly to HIM. Verily, my Lord is Merciful, Most Loving.'
11: 91- The Holy Quraan

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