Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Now Dying of Cold

The quake effected people in the northern areas of Pakistan are now out in the severe cold with inadequate shelter and food or none at all. The quake killed more than a hundred thousand and as many or more could die of cold. They need help.

Angry Voices Amid Fear of Freezing Death tells more of what they are going thru.

"Another catastrophe if efforts are not made fast for their rescue people will be seen dying of cold, gangrene, respiratory infections and many other ailments that are bound to hit if planning is not done fast for the rehabilitation to safe and warm climate".

Staying in the open and the delayed relief and rescue efforts in the end will only be spent on dead and frozen stiff bodies which will have mostly children and women as in couple of weeks the cold will get to them as after surviving the quake they have to survive the cold and with nothing much as in keeping warm they freeze out in the chilling temperatures".

Eight Reported Dead, 700 Hospitalized in Pakistani Quake Zone As Cold Descends

Shortage of food could kill more, warns WFP

Quake victims need heating as snow forecast

3 Millions of the homeless need Gas, Kerosene, Wood Stoves, Oil heaters, Blankets, Matresses etc. for cooking and warmth, and the temperatures could fall as low as -12 Celsius.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Quraan For My Heart

Ibn Al-Qayyim said with regards to what one should do to cure his weak Iman (faith) using the Quraan,

"First you should remove your heart from the life of this world and settle it in the Last Life. Then, pay your full attention to pursuing the meanings of the Quran, and try to comprehend and understand them and what they were sent down to accomplish. Then, offer these meanings to the sickness that your heart feels, and when they touch the disease, they will cure the heart, Allah willing."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

"A Good Word Is Charity"

I have tears in my eyes after reading this extremly beautiful article,


Too strongly motivating for one not to act. It has two powerful incidents about the last moments of three young men, which changed the life of a policeman who witnessed their accidents and handled them. And the rest of it is about thoughtful lessons that we learn from all this.

I say Wonderful! I feel so good reading it, and in the middle it has the verse that I had just memorized and was reciting a while ago.

"And those who, if they commit an immorality or wrong themselves, remember Allah and seek forgiveness for their sins - and who can forgive sins except Allah? - and who do not persist in what they have done while they know.

"For those - their reward is forgiveness from their Lord and gardens beneath which rivers flow (in Jannah), wherein they shall abide eternally. Excellent is the reward of the (righteous) workers"

[Aal-e-Imraan: 135-136]- Al-Quraan

An excerpt:

" I heard someone ask our shaykh Hatim al-Asum how he reached the level he was at in reliance upon Allah. He replied,

"I became convinced in four things (i.e. that these four things penetrated my heart).

One, I am convinced that no one else will eat the provision Allah has decreed for me, so I am content.

And two, I am convinced that no one else is going to do good works except me, so I am busy doing it myself.

Three, I am certain death shall come unexpectedly, so I am busying myself in expectation of it.

And four, I am certain I shall never escape the Sight of Allah, so I am shy to disobey him while He is watching.""

The point it makes is that after we are dead we will not be regretting the small things that we lose here in this world and feel so bad over it, but the regret will be each and every second that we spent without worshiping or remembering Allah. So we must start working towards that, and asking forgiveness for all what we did before is the first step, then we go on from there.

Tell me did u feel the same way after reading it, as i do?

Friday, November 18, 2005


A very good article by SG, HERE , thought i must share it here on my blog as well.

(I know if u put the word 'quraan' in the search box and reached here then u must be surprised by this title for today, but this is important too. I know what u came looking for, i have all those links around so plz check out :)

This one is about emergency first aid for trauma patients, which was specially needed after the quake but its never too late, we all must learn the basics and how to do it.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Allah says:

"And hasten towards the forgiveness from your Lord; and a Garden, the extensiveness of which is (as) the heavens and the earth, it is prepared for those who are God-fearing."

[Surah Aal-e-Imran 3:133]
Some of the lessons learnt from Quraan that apply to our general living!

1. Respect and honour all human beings irrespective of their religion,colour, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession/joband so on [17/70]

2. Talk straight, to the point, without any ambiguity or deception[33/70]

3. Choose best words to speak and say them in the best possible way[17/53, 2/83]

4. Do not shout. Speak politely keeping your voice low. [31/19]

5. Always speak the truth. Shun words that are deceitful andostentatious [22/30]

6. Do not confound truth with falsehood [2/42]

7. Say with your mouth what is in your heart [3/167]

8. Speak in a civilised manner in a language that is recognised by thesociety and is commonly used [4/5]

Muslim Character

Monday, November 14, 2005

Logging Under the Rubble

Two weeks passed when a rescue team started removing the rubble of a primary school amid strong winds, cold and rain. Obviously it was too late and what they found inside were twenty girl students in dirt and all dead. With fear struck faces and holding tight to each other in twos and threes. They must have faced death for so many days before their lives finally ended in darkness. No one cared to come on time.

Taj, a nine years old girl was found holding a pencil and note book in her hands, with her innocent eyes wide open staring in the void. Her father shrieked as he found his little angel lying dead and stiff cold, all dusty.

All this time since she got trapped under that narrow triangle made by the fallen roof and walls of her class room , she didnt let go of her notebook and pencil and kept writing, and in that communicating with her mom and dad, all her lines begining with Mama or Papa.

But she didnt have any idea of what actually had happened, so she wrote to her dad in that homework book that someone has bombed their school, which made their classroom shake wildly at first, which made them hit and fall on each other, and then another explosion made the roof come down on her fellows. After which it was all foggy with dust.

For the first day, her log was coherent and with the date on top. But later, she scribbled her notes whenever it was enough light for her to jot down and whichever page opened in front of her, and whenever she came out of uncousciousness.

To her dad she writes:

"Papa, our teacher had just finished checking the homework of a few girls, but our classroom suddenly started shaking because some terrorist threw a bomb on our school. We fell on each other. We didnt even get back up when there was an explosion and two beams from the roof came down and with them the whole roof. It fell in such a way that it made our room into a triangle, with beams and the roof. When the dust settled, I saw Asifa, Jannat and Noor pressed under a beam and shouting in pain.Our teacher and the rest of tried hard to move it but it didnt, at all. Then they became still in a few moments. As they went quiet we all started crying and shouting in fear. Our teacher Mariam tried to calm us down and was reciting the Kalima loud. But another huge peice of roof fell on her and she was gone. Due to dust, fear and darkness we all became uncounsious. And then it was complete dark"

These are the last of her ordered notes. Scattered scribblings and fuzzy sentences make up the later part of her log. Now she writes without a date, and writes only when she is back to her consciousness and finds enough light to write on any page she sees.

"Papa, I dont know how I woke up. It was may be the pain, hunger or the sharp ray of light that fell on my eyes. I got up to sit. Everyone around me was laying unconscious and senseless. I started shivering so badly in horror. I called out Saba, Naheed, Yasmeen, but no one even moved, they were so cold.

"Papa, I started crying so much, and from out of nowhere Nazia came and clung with me, i got scared, and i shouted "Who"?, "Me Nazia".

"Papa I m so hungry, there is no water, then we started crying together, huddled with each other.

Now, Taj started writing in very short lines.

Papa, Nazia is so quied, she doesnt cry at all.

Papa, she doesnt talk.

Papa, I am so scared.

Mama, give me bread, give me water.

Papa, Mama, it is so cold.

Mama, my leg is getting stiff.

Papa Papa, Mama Mama

Mama, Who took my blanket

Papa, my stomach.

Mama dont you know, I need a blanket?

Mama where are you, where are you?

And then there is just a line stretching across her notebook, she could write no more. She held her copy till the end, and this is all what her father has of her now, who told how he had taught her to write a story, when she asked for it a year or so ago. He had told her to write just as an incident happens in front of her eyes, so she used to write a real story everyday of what she used to see around.

And she had a story to tell when she was dying too, no amount of words can ever tell her pain. Thousands other kids like her lost their lives in their very schools. They couldnt be reached because of the haphazard aid and rescue efforts. Wailing parents could do nothing with bare hands. But they kept clinging to the broken schools in a disoriented state, with their ears on fallen walls, to hear one word from inside. But most still can't even have their children's dead bodies, because this is all that they want now so they can see them, touch them and bury them with their own hands.

Time wasted is the time wasted. Though most from around the country have played their part, but there are more people left to be cared than those have been reached and helped. All because of being disorganized on the overall, and not being prepared even on the basic level.

We ask Allah to ease their pains, and give peace to the departed souls. Aameen.

Here is the original story in Urdu, from Urdupoint, where i read it:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wish I Can Help

Though this page is originally all about my study and teaching of the Quraan, and thats what it was started for and is still about. But for the time being, as you have noticed, I have been writing more about earthquake aftermath. This is because this disaster has had a deep impact on myself spiritually, and the damage it has done to the people is colossal. Now i wish i can use this page for anything it can do to make a contribution towards helping it.

It is exactly a month now. The world probably doesnt feel the magnitude of damage, which has been greater than the Tsunami.

Thanks to Allah billion trillion times me, my family, friends, and relatives all have been safe Alhamdulilah. It is the horrible state and suffering of the people coming from the destroyed cities and towns, which is so painful it has broken my heart. Most people, especially kids, are in a state of shock and trauma after seeing their loved ones and everything get crushed in front of their eyes in seconds. Their minds and eyes just cant let go of those scenes.

All it took was a few seconds of time, and all the buildings came down as a pile of rubble, most of them, even the multistorey building, swallowed by the earth with their roofs almost on the ground level. And it was all so quick it didnt give anyone time to rush out, and the building turned into graves. All 8000 or so schools were destroyed and the kids crushed under their very roofs while they had just started their lessons in the morning. Hospitals, libraries, police stations, govt. offices, everything is gone.

i would like to share what some eyewitnesses had to tell about the disaster, when on Saturday I went to join some volunteers.

An amazing account was by a lady who told how theirs was the only house standing in that area (officers colony, Muzzafarabad) after the quake, and that she says is because they were studying the Quraan there, and the place where Quraan is being read is encircled by the angles of mercy (according to a hadith). And thats absolutely true. They had daily Quraan classes in that house, and this lady used to teach kids.

When the jolts started, she said they were very violent, but no one rushed out. She said they felt a strange calm and the kids stayed at their place, and recited prayers. Then they saw the roof getting separated from the walls on one side of the room, as if just about to come down. The jolts were getting more severe and it was taking it too long to stop. Ofcourse it wasnt like any other earthquake. But when finally it settled, she went to look for the kids in the other room, seeing they were all fine she returned to her class and was proud to find out the kids were in prostration, praying nafl to thank Allah, and she joined them too. She said she felt so great seeing them praying so peacefuly in that frightening situation.

But the real surprise came when they went outside to see each and every building around crashed down and dust clouds all around. The next house was all rubble and down in their lawn. This was ofcourse astonishing as their house was no different than the others that fell down in seconds, in construction and stuff. That was the only building, she said, that stood safe in that area, except a few cracks in two of the rooms. And it's a sign indeed, as the angles circle the place where Quraan is being read and peace descends there. Its Allah who protected them, ofcourse.

For others it was horrifying, most people said it started with a very sudden wind storm, then there was a black smoke or dust, and then the earhquake with a booming noise. For some the earth cracked and they fell into it. Others got stuck alive in the rubble of their houses for days. Amazing they took one young man out after 21 days, imagine! He was apparently ok, with a few injuries, but he was in shock, wasnt responding and he wasnt able to listen now.

A school teacher had decided to have her maths class out in the open just minutes before the catastrophe. She also described the same things happening before the quake, saying the weather was just calm, but there was a sudden violent wind and black smoke following it. Then it took only moments for the school building to collapse in front of them.
Another lady just came out of her kitchen when suddenly the wind blew and jolts started and her kitchen broke apart and collapsed behind her. She rushed to pick up her baby, falling three times on her way. And when she finally was holding her baby her two storey house starting falling down and with it she and her son also. Both were able to come out of rubble later unscratched Alhamdulilah.

But a majority people got buried alive, and their cries for help subdued by time. And their disoriented family member still roaming around helplessly because there is no way they can more the heavy boulders without the machines.

The people who are surviving are so lost, and seeing so many hardships ahead didnt even have time to grieve. Digging graves with their hands and burrying the ppl the loved, they have nothing to lose. Now they have nothing to eat, for most there is no shelter in these freezing temperatures.

A huge number of people have lost their limbs, again most of them are kids. It may take them forever to get over this, and to get back to normal life.

The trauma is immense, i can go on and on about it. I would say, everyone around the world, esp. the Muslims, do all the help you can. Everyone can help in someway or the other in their capacity. There are a million way in which we can help, as their needs are as many and more.

Allah please help them, and help us do our best for them and manage, so that not a single one of them is left without proper care. Allah please forgive us, make us better human beings and better Muslims, and give us the best lives here and in the Hereafter. O Allah have Mercy.


Friday, November 04, 2005

"And say (unto them): Act! Allah will behold your actions, and (so will) His Messenger (pbuh) and the Believers, and you will be brought back to the Knower of the invisible and the visible, and He will tell you what you used to do." [9:105].