Thursday, December 15, 2005

Quraan on Your Mobile Phone

Update: June 04, 06
Been long since i have been waiting to get the holy Quraan on my mobile phone. Alhamdulilah now that I have it myself I can share my experience. I couldnt download it from the mobiquran site for some reason, I got it from PocketQuran.Com for my Sony Ericsson K700i.

It is quite a simple program, with the complete Holy Quraan in Arabic, with chapter and verse numbers, an index of surah names, and you can go to a specif verse by entering a number from a particular chapter. You can also save three bookmarks for later use.

For novices, you either download the file from the site to your pc, and then get it downloaded to your phone via data cable or/ infrared device/ bluetooth. And then you run it from your phone, which should be java enabled.

Or else if your phone is GPRS enabled, go to and download direct to your phone.

This is good, but i hope that MobiQuran works too. Also plz share if you know a better software like this.
Nov 19,05

I found something good while surfing yesterday. Its a nice site which lets you install the Holy Quraan program on your cell phone. I havent tried, coz i dont have the right model yet.


Steps are very simple and you can choose from nine languages, alongwith Latin aphabets, and also 4 different Turkish translations.


And here i must again mention the Quraan Digital Book on which you can read and listen the Quraan in Arabic also, plz see the rest of its great features on the link above.


Dec 15, 05

What I found this time is the colored version of the Digital Quraan

Colored Digital Quraan

It is beautiful, and also has a lot more additional featurs. Also has the Quraan translation in Urdu language.


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