Thursday, December 01, 2005

Special Additions

There has been a few additions to 'My Quraan' which I would like to mention separately to highlight.

ON the right , the side bar bottom I put a link to buy a copy of the Quraan from, translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. ANd right below it is another one where you can get a Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), or you can read it online at without buying it, this is also the new link added to the link section.

Another link that i have added is that of an Index to the Quraan, which is ofcourse very useful for finding verses by topics from the Quraan. like for example, you want to look for the verses where Allah SWT talks about angels, so the index gives you all those verse numbers. There are more detailed ones as well, like the one that my copy of the Quraan has (Abdullah Yusuf Ali Translation). So once i find a better one i will replace the link inshaAllah.

And finally the Earthquake section, I keep updating it almost daily with the latest headlines from the Pakistan quake hit areas, or anything else related, because that must not be forgotten, those people need our care, and the world must be kept reminded about their suffering. This is little I can do through this page, because on the whole I must stick to what this site was created for basically.
Assalamalaikum :)

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