Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Now Dying of Cold

The quake effected people in the northern areas of Pakistan are now out in the severe cold with inadequate shelter and food or none at all. The quake killed more than a hundred thousand and as many or more could die of cold. They need help.

Angry Voices Amid Fear of Freezing Death tells more of what they are going thru.

"Another catastrophe if efforts are not made fast for their rescue people will be seen dying of cold, gangrene, respiratory infections and many other ailments that are bound to hit if planning is not done fast for the rehabilitation to safe and warm climate".

Staying in the open and the delayed relief and rescue efforts in the end will only be spent on dead and frozen stiff bodies which will have mostly children and women as in couple of weeks the cold will get to them as after surviving the quake they have to survive the cold and with nothing much as in keeping warm they freeze out in the chilling temperatures".

Eight Reported Dead, 700 Hospitalized in Pakistani Quake Zone As Cold Descends

Shortage of food could kill more, warns WFP

Quake victims need heating as snow forecast

3 Millions of the homeless need Gas, Kerosene, Wood Stoves, Oil heaters, Blankets, Matresses etc. for cooking and warmth, and the temperatures could fall as low as -12 Celsius.

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