Thursday, December 22, 2005

Is There Hope for Them?

Browsing for the news for my earthquake section, i m really feeling sad today. Life is so bitter for the people who are surviving after the quake in Himalyas. Its is piercing cold with snow there. And imagine all the rest and ease that we have in the warmth of our houses. All things that we need ready at our hands, warm water to wash ourselves, warm clothes, beds, blankets, quilts, pillows, clean and healthy food and water (and tea), clean environment. All things that save you from this biting weather, and these are what we dont think to be luxuries but as neccessities.

BUT those people from the cold mountains have NONE of these. Their flimsy tents are just as bad as being outside and facing the icy winds. Burning a fire inside could kill themselves. They still take the risk when their hands and bodies become stiff with cold, but it doesnt do any good. They dont have enough warm clothes to wear, and sitting on the bare earth inside a tent feels just like being on a slab of ice. Even outside under the sun the wind bites through the bones.

"Our skin becomes so hard that we can't move our hands properly, and they start to bleed," an old man said, and the same news report says that 2.4 million blankets suitable for winter and 1.2 million quilts are urgently required.

Its 2.5 million that are living in tents, and still another 400,ooo at the higher altitudes where probably there are no camps, and by January it will be snowing many feets.

Their troubles are endless, but the world has already forgotten them, the promised help has not reached them while they are in dire need of it.

THe point is think of all that you could need if you were them. Sweaters, jackets, socks, caps, gloves, shoeswinterized tents, anything to keep them going and warm. Food and medicine also because they are getting infections, and pneumonia.

Find out ways in which you can help them.
My side bar has the link to donate to Islamic Relief

Go ahead and give them hope to live.

And whatever you spend in the way of ALLAH, it shall be paid back to you in full and you shall not be wronged- The Quraan 8:61

Behold ! You are those who are called upon to spend in the way of ALLAH; but of you there are some who are niggardly. And whoso is niggardly, is niggardly only against his own soul. 47: 38.

And those of you who believe and spend will have a great reward. 57:7


jerusalemgypsy said...

I'm an interfaith and peace worker in Jerusalem. Where do you live these days? Interesting similarity that Moslems should memorize the Quran. In Orthodox Jewish schools, the children memorize the commentaries to the Torah. I hope that God has mercy on the people in Kashmir that have lost their homes in the earthquake. You're right. It happened a while back that people have moved on from thinking about this and have forgotten.

B said...

thanks for ur visit :) i m in Pakistan. Yes I m aware about the Jewish kids memorizing commentaries on the Torah. Muslims memorize the whole Quraan, in fact millions of them do that. We memorize the original arabic text of the Quraan. And the first person to memorize it was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) upon whome it was revealed. And then it was trasmitted in writing and memorization. Thats how God guarded it word by word.

And ofcourse God sends His word to be understood and acted upon, so that should be on top.

Yes the world has forgotten the quake victims so quieck coz media stopped giving it much importance, and moved on to other issues. We pray for those ppl, Allah make ease for them Aameen.