Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This Week's Tenant

Right Religion is an interesting blog which has deep thoughtful discussions about all what is related to religion. You can visit and participate in topics about existance of God, His characteristics etc or you can go there with your suggestions and ideas which is what it asks for. And the author has described himself as a student searching for truth, and you can take part in his quest.

Plz visit (you can see the thumbnail on the right as well), share your views and let the author know what you think of his blog. May God guide us all to the truth Aameen!

And let me complete this post with something that God said in the Quraan, a simple and straightforward idea that He gives about Himself,

Say `He is God, the Only One ! ALLAH the Independent and Besought of all.

`HE begets not, nor, is HE begotten, And there is none like unto HIM.

[112: 1-4 - The Holy Quraan]

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thanks for the post.