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My tenant this week is about food, Kitchen Fun (you see the thumbnail on the right column) I also like the way this site is so beautifuly designed.

Go ahead and find yourself the best recipies. A WARNING follows though!

Must keep in mind the Islamic guidelines for eating the right kind of food, which is decent and healthy. As Islam strictly disallows consuming pork, wine / intoxicants in any form they may be, and meat not slaughtered islamically.

A lot of recipies at Kitchen Fun may have those ingredients. And we knowAllah disallows even a bite or a sip of those to be taken (unless ones life is in danger and there is no choice). I know you know this and would have avoided, but I think it was neccesary that I mention.

But ofcourse that is not so with all the recipies there, and i recommend that you visit there when you are really hungry, there are some really good and mouth-watering recipies, especially in the Veggies section, and try them, and leave a comment there as well, tell there I sent you.

I also want to convey here that what's unhealthy and bad is so for all, no matter where you belong, wheter Muslim, Chrisitian, Jew, hindu, aethiest or anyone else. What we eat is what we are.

Extending this a bit more, the number one reason why these few food are not allowed in Islam, is because God Himself forbade them, just as He did in the Bible and the Torah.

Among countless kinds of food that God has made for us, only a few He said you should not eat, it is both a test for us, and at the same time is in our favor, as those foods are REALLY unfitting to our health and hygiene. Science proves the same.

In the Quraan Allah says, addressing ALL mankind:

O you people, eat of what is on earth lawful and good, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan, for he is to you an avowed enemy. 11:168

here for all what God says about food in the Quraan.

and to the believers:

"He has only forbidden you carrion, blood, the flesh of swine and that on which any other name has been invoked besides that of God. But if one is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience or transgressing due limits, then is he guiltless. For God is Oft-forgiving Most Merciful". 11:173

And in Bible He speaks of it too saying:

“And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clove-footed, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is UNCLEAN to you. Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcass shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you.” Leviticus (11:7-8), (also Deut., 14:8)

Update: I found a book related to the topic, you may want to check it out.

English - What God said about Eating Pork
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