Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Endless Sea

[photos: "Blue Quraan-10th century"]

Lately, there has been no mention of my lessons of the Quraan, because I havent started any new lessons yet. I will be revising all the chapters that i have already learnt till the Ramadan starts inshaaAllah. And then i will do one more juz during that month.

But even though it is revision (i am on Al-baqarah, done till ruku 6), which means i had read those parts only few days ago in order to memorize. But its amazing how i get new understanding and all new feelings reciting them again this time. How can this be! its truely a miracle.

To tell u how, why do i still feel the words Alif, Laam, Meem (even though the meaning of these no one knows) ? havent i read them thousands times before as well? and then, the verses about believers, non-believers, hypocrites and how Allah SWT talks about them. It is simply because it is Allah SWT talking, and its all about me myself, and my fellow humans, and its the most true speech ever. And because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the Quraan will never ever get old, and its wonders will never end.

Each verse in itself seems enough, while each of them having a deep connection with the next and the previous.

"O Mankind! Worship your Lord WHO created you and those before you, that you may guard against evil". [2: 21]

.. Does mankind need more than this?

Next, Allah challenges mankind to produce one chapter similar to that of the Quraan, in case they doubt it.

The story of our begining, Allah, angels, Adam/Eve and Satan. And how Allah promises that He will forgive and show His mercy if we keep following His guidance on the Earth & keep returning to Him after making mistakes.

Angel's saying 'No knowledge have we except what You have taught us', so similar to the fact that Adam repents and ask Allah to forgive using the very same prayer that Allah Himself taught him. Absolute Mercy of Allah SWT.

[The images at the top are of the famous 'Blue Quraan' from the early 10th century. Placed now at a museum in Riyad, Saudi Arabia. This is so pretty to look at, golden writting on blue parchment (i.e. vellum, which was kind of hand made 'paper' made from calfskin). its in Kufi script].

The one below here is showing surah al-baqarah verses 197-201



lanallah said...

As salaamu alaikum

Indeed the Holy Qur'aan is like an 'Endless Sea'...
For all times- never out-dated and the reciter never tires of reciting the same verses throughout his life...In fact it has the opposite effect, with more recitation more keen-ness in created

Insha Allah we should ponder on the the miracles of the Holy Qur'aan.

B said...


yes very true, and also i have noticed another positive thing in me after starting memorizing the Quraan. As i have to recite more of it now day and night as compared to how i used to, it has made my heart soft. I couldnt get tears while talking and praying to Allah before. Now i have more fear of Him alhamdulilah in my heart.