Saturday, August 13, 2005

I have alhmdulillah done more of the surah Al-baqarah than it is left to do.

My teacher had told me that when Umer (ra) had finished memorizing this surah (chapter) , he sacrificed 60 or 100 camels for charity (which i think is like give as many cars in charity). Lets see what I can do inshaAllah. I have a little money, and dad will help with the rest inshaAllah :)

What i have in my mind is that i will buy a copy of the Quran (with translation) and some books for the neighbor's maid who is learning the Quran from me, and she is so eager to learn and is so quick in understanding, and above all in putting it into practice as soon as I tell her something new. But she will be leaving in a few days, so i must make arrangements so she keeps learning somehow. She is an asset for me like all the students I have, Alhamdulilah.

I have been very slow in doing this surah, I probably should have finished by now, but it is good, I really have felt this surah

Here is a verse from my latest lesson:

Meaning, its a deal with Allah, I give my self all to Him and get His pleasure in return.

This is, making my SELF do all what pleases Allah, and having pleasure in that.

That involves nothing but sacrifice. But its also says Allah is Compassionate to His servants, so once I start Allah will keep making it easy for me. And for all of us.

May we become one of these , Aameen!

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