Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Get Some in Your Heart, If Not All

Ibn `Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said,

"He who does not memorize any part from the Qur'an he is like the ruined house.''


Commentary: This Hadith means that the heart of that Muslim is devoid of grace of spiritualism and Grace of Allah who does not remember by heart any portion of the Qur'an, in the same way as a deserted house is deprived of inhabitants and Blessings of Allah. What we learn from this is that every Muslim must remember some portion of the Qur'an so that he is safe from the admonition mentioned in this Hadith.

From the Book: Riyadus-Saliheen (The Garden of the Righteous)


~~Song~ said...

I love your blog...so full of usefull things,,

B said...

Assalamalaikum :) thanks for visiting mine. I do try to make it useful but its still not as much as urs is.

MashaAllah there is so much to learn on ur blog and u keep making changes and updates so frequently which makes it really interesting as well.

May Allah bless you, and u r always welcome here.