Monday, February 13, 2006

Muslim Response

[This is basically in response to a comment posted by Omar, a Christian reader in response to my previous post 'What Makes Me a Muslim'. Wanted it to be read by more people, so I make it as a post, its about how Muslims feel in these circumstances and also some advice for the Muslims.]

Omar, thanks for ur precious comment.

Yes true, this is what the Prophet (peace be upon him) has taught and also he himself wouldn’t have acted in ways many Muslims are, on the contrary his life is full of instances where he responded with kindness even to the people doing worst against him, which consequently led most of them to Islam due to his own beautiful character.

Now there are more than a billion Muslims, all kinds of them, whether they practice Islam fully or not, whether they completely practice the control taught by the Prophet pbuh or not, but all of them take it very PERSONAL when it comes to the Prophet Muhammad, because of his greatness, and our closeness to him.

All the Muslims aren’t going to act in the same way as the Prophet pbuh would have, even though taught so. Many would be naturally violent over this and we can’t stop the reaction. There will be Muslims protesting peacefully and in an organized manner to make an impact, and there will be others who will do otherwise.

And in no way is it right to promote violence and bloodshed, but the ppl who have set it all ablaze by creating those insulting images, should be ready to face all sorts of reactions from all kinds of Muslim that there are. Its a deep deep hurt to each and every Muslim. It is a fact that we are ready to sacrifice our lives for him.

How come the cartoonists and the people with them were not aware at all how more than a billion people on this globe honor the Prophet and that they would be infuriating them by insulting him? Before, it was the desecration of the Quraan and now our Prophet and we know it will go on.

But all that said, now it’s the responsibility of those Muslims who understand how we should react properly, and as you said, our religious scholars should direct them to appropriate and peaceful ways.

We are very rightful in this protest and we must sound it off over the disgrace of our Noble Prophet, who is sent for all mankind. BUT..

But Muslims must remember to do it in an organized way, dont forget patience. And it is important to do it that way not because we fear the western criticism over that, but because that is how we should be, and because Islam stops from such violent protest.

THINK over it and find guidance in Islam itself as to what way it teaches us to act in such situations.

LOOK into your own lives, you are rightfully rising up against it, but are your own lives an example of the same man who you claim your love with, and take him as a role model for yourselves?

Also it is another chance to show the world how beautiful and honorable is the man they have scoffed, and they dont know.

Please read the article at the following link for a variety of ideas how you can respond to this. Read it and go down for a list of ways you can support your Prophet.


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